Lecture 10- Green your Building

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Greening our building seems to be a big issue for us. It is difficult for us to construct a green building with water efficiency , sustainable energy, renewable building materials. However, I think the government in Hong Kong should concern renewing many buildings by constructing different kinds of green roof. 

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As Hong Kong is very crowed place, constructing green roof is a space saving green measure.

It has the advantages listed below ….

– temperature reduction–> (reduce the use of air conditioner)

-improve air quality

-reduce sound transmission through absorption, reflection and deflection

– provide a relaxing and soothing atmosphere

Different kinds of green roofs 

1) Podium Garden

th (6)


2) Sky Garden (photo taken in IFC, HK)




3) Vertical Greening

vg.06 TsuenWan_after4 greenwall th (7)




Instead of really greening our building, we can do our part in our daily lives to green our buildings which includes….

1) using  energy saving appliances (energy saving fridge/ light bulb/ washing machines)

th (8)

2) open more windows to adopt natural light instead of turning on the light all the time

th (9)


3) Using water saving gadgets in our household appliances

th (11) th (10) Water-Saving-Devices-for-Water-Taps


We are not able to construct a new house with all greening measures, but we can try to do our little part in our household to turn our building into a green building.  🙂



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