Lecture 11- Go ÜberGreen

After having these lectures, i have learnt more about how to protect the environment and I realized that I only know very little about the greening measure that implemented in my hostel.

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After the visit to the dorm, I know that the college has put a lot of effort in greening the dormitory in different aspects.


-The canteen adopt natural light and plan to use energy saving light bulb which have higher energy efficiency

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-Toilet has two different levels of flushing buttons



  -There are  recycling bins in each floor of the dorm which include plastic, aluminium, paper and glass bottles



-The electricity meter that limit the use of the electricity of students -The solar panel installed on the roof top to provide solar energy


-Energy saving fridge is chosen

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-Series of greening workshops were held to encourage students to live green

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Last but not least, I  understand the truth that there are still a long way to go in order to achieve the goal “Working Green, Living Green” and there are a lot for me to go.

I will try my best to think of any other areas that can improve the greening measure in the campus and the hostel.

The most memorable quote in these lessons is ” Go ÜberGreen means Go super green”. I think i should bear in mind this quote everyday so as to remind me to live green.


Lecture 10- Green your Building

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Greening our building seems to be a big issue for us. It is difficult for us to construct a green building with water efficiency , sustainable energy, renewable building materials. However, I think the government in Hong Kong should concern renewing many buildings by constructing different kinds of green roof. 

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As Hong Kong is very crowed place, constructing green roof is a space saving green measure.

It has the advantages listed below ….

– temperature reduction–> (reduce the use of air conditioner)

-improve air quality

-reduce sound transmission through absorption, reflection and deflection

– provide a relaxing and soothing atmosphere

Different kinds of green roofs 

1) Podium Garden

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2) Sky Garden (photo taken in IFC, HK)




3) Vertical Greening

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Instead of really greening our building, we can do our part in our daily lives to green our buildings which includes….

1) using  energy saving appliances (energy saving fridge/ light bulb/ washing machines)

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2) open more windows to adopt natural light instead of turning on the light all the time

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3) Using water saving gadgets in our household appliances

th (11) th (10) Water-Saving-Devices-for-Water-Taps


We are not able to construct a new house with all greening measures, but we can try to do our little part in our household to turn our building into a green building.  🙂