Lecture 9- Green your Transportation


Greening our transportation is an important issue as everyone need to travel by different kinds of transportation everyday.

In China, the government has taken many measures in promoting green transport which include….

1)Putting into pilot use of the first green straddling bus in China

-this is expected to reduce traffic jam by 20-30 percent –> lower the carbon emission

-it is powered by electricity and solar energy

-it is greener and cheaper than standard bus






2) Providing bikes near subway station (Nanjing) 

-bring strict new penalties in a bid to stop cars to drive over bike lanes

– these encourage the ride of bicycle –> lower the use of other transports–>    lower carbon emission

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3) Promoting  the use of electric cars

–> development in vehicles, fuel cells and charging systems

–> provide subsidy for citizen who buy pure electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicle

–> These can encourage citizen to use greener transportation which can improve energy efficiency and cutting pollution


Details for the green transport measures can be found in the website below.


Chinese University of Hong Kong is the only university in Hong Kong which owns its transport network in campus, it also put emphasis on the greening measure.


The Chinese University bought two electric shuttle bus and two electric vans to put into the service in the campus. As Chinese University is providing transport service for 27,000 students and staff, the greening measure for the transportation system can be an significant improvement for the environment.

Instead of the purchasing of electric vehicles, the Chinese University also encourage students and the staff to walk in the campus.

For us, as students, I think we can put more effort in greening transportation by taking more public transportation especially MTR or Tram instead of private cars. In campus, we can try to walk in the campus instead of taking shuttle bus.




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