Lecture 8 – Green your energy (Solar energy)


Greening our energy is a crucial issue as we are consuming energy everyday and every minute, if we can use our energy efficiently, it would probably help to save our next generation .

From the previous lecture, one of the renewable power resources- solar power has been discussed. In no doubt that solar power can help to produce renewable energy for us to use, though there are come potential practical problems concerning by people including its cost and the unreliability.

Cost – The solar panel is expensive for a small household to consume even if they are willing to .

🙂 A good news is that the price of the solar panel is reducing and the Shang Hai Government is planning to install a solar panel on the roof of every building so as to reduce the reliance on coal.



Unreliability– As weather is unpredictable especially in Hong Kong. There may not be enough sunshine for the solar panel to convert into energy and supply household use.

🙂 An invention by the students of University of Hong Kong helps to moderate the power supply of the solar power. This product can be installed in the electrical appliances and it helps to stabilize the power supply of renewable power.



The technological advancement helps to solve the problem of renewable energy, though the question come to whether we would like to live green.

Installing smart meter, increasing electricity charge may be some good measures to force citizen to live green and contribute their effort to create a sustainable life by reducing the use of energy.

From my point of view, education should be the most important and effective measure to encourage people to live a green life. Education not only in schools, universities but also educating public the emergence to live a green live.This lecture makes me remember of the film- The Simpsons Movie.   The theme of environmentalism is presented in the film and it serves as an effective way to promote green living.


We should try our best to protect our environment, otherwise we have to bear the devastating consequences.




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