Lecture 7- Green your waste


In order to maintain a sustainable life, it is important to avoid waste from the very first hand. However, the waste keep on increasing and the second method to suspend its growth is to start recycling waste.

There are many kinds of waste that we can recycle according to the lecture, though I would like to focus on the issue of plastic waste as it can take millions of years to decompose.

As from last lecture, it discussed about the bioplastic that is biodegradable and some ways to recycle the plastic product include reuse those plastic products.

I have found a TED talk that discuss that “we can have a better way to recycle plastic”  by turning plastic into energy since most are made from petrochemicals to begin with. The plastic here include not only bioplastic but all kind of plastic. However, this talk arouse an important issue that it is difficult to recycle plastic because of a lot of hindrances.  The possible hindrances are listed below.

  •  enormous energy and CO2 emission savings in recycling plastics compared to making plastics from petrochemicals
  •  assurance of that supply ( the challenge of getting technology to your house referred to as the “last mile” problem)
  • No recycler can afford to make big investments in equipment and people

In this talk, we found out the cruel truth is that, we are able to recycle the waste but we can’t because of many practical reasons.


Better way to recycle plastic


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