Greening in the filming industry :D


I found this news interesting is that a well-known director – LEE ON is a person living green. This director produced many successful and stunning movies. All of the Asians should have heard of his success, but how many of us heard of his green living style?


During his filming career (for almost twenty years), he did not allow his crews or actors to use plastic bottles or non-reusable chopsticks. When he was filming the 《少年Pi的奇幻漂流》, he and his crew followed the “green guide” by providing drinking water machine, using electronic files  and reusable utensils. Director LEE On emphasized that the crew must clean up the natural environment (filming venue) before leave, he ,himself, would double check the venue to make sure that it is clean as it was before. Because of all these, the Environmental Media Association awarded him with a green logo.

We can save the earth by following the footsteps of our humble directer, even we can only do a bit in our daily life, we are still making changes, we are still helping our planet.


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