Not only greening your wardrobe but also greening your house by growing it :D


After the lecture last wednesday, I understood that we can do a lot to green our wardrobe by considering more factors, like shop with a plan, wash our clothes well or keep our clothes clean and new. Though these may be some good strategies to make our lives green. These may only be some minor changes. Yes, a minor change by one person can result into a huge change by millions of people. However, can we try to do something that can have a more significant result?


Mitchell Joachim: Don’t build your home, grow it!


In this TED talk, Mitchell Joachim introduced that we can grow our home instead of building it. When we build our home, a lot of chemicals and materials were used , tons and tons of waste were dumped. This TED talk used the blood vessel system of test tube meat and built a meat house, which does not contribute to any waste (or maybe some during the experiment). Bio- technology really helps us to live green. Though there are still many issues raised concerning this meat house, such as the safety problem, sanitary problem, rotten problem etc. In this primary stage, we cannot have a perfect answers to all these questions. However, it is important for us to appreciate the idea of growing a house which makes our lives more sustainable.



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